[Added Another Design] Feedback On Recent Simple UI Design

Hey everyone! I made some simple practice UI and wanted some feedback on it!

Old Design

New Design (Rate this one)

I found my watermark tool, just to clear it up to everyone.

Some questions:

  • Should I make free-to-use recources of UI packs
  • Should I start doing commisions?

The spacing from the nearest side of each button isn’t consistent, nor are the sizes of the buttons. Additionally, please choose a different font (this is more personal preference but I don’t like Arial myself!). Good for a start. Darken the green colour for more readability.


Thanks for the feedback, I will work on centering more and will probably change the green to be a tiny bit darker!

Here’s a tip - set AnchorPoint of your GUI elements to 0.5, 0.5. Works wonders for consistent scaling.

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Some things i noticed:

  1. It’s really plain. Try adding some shading, some bubble letters, more rounded edges, and you’ll have yourself a pretty decent UI.
  2. It isn’t Centered. the text in the yes and no button aren’t centered and the distance from the edge is uneven.

To answer your questions:

  1. If you feel like it, you can always upload it as a free model. Nothing wrong with that. I’m sure some people would learn from it too!
  2. I don’t think you should do commissions until you get a little more practice.

Thank you for the feedback, I just switched the thing that I use for editing over to a more complex version that was released by the creators of it (I’m still getting used to the new version) , but I have plans to make everything centered!

Hey! I think that your UI does actually look quite simple and neat, but I have a couple things to suggest.

I personally think that you should center the text inside the middle of the UI, because having it slightly uncentered might concern some people. Arial is a pretty neat font, but honestly I prefer Source Sans and Gotham fonts a lot more. Try experimenting with the different font settings to achieve look you are going for!

Finally, I think that you should try and add a little more spice to the button UI itself. Maybe try and duplicate the rounded frame, and make it slightly smaller and lighter than the first colour. Make sure that the zindex of the inner frame is greater than the outer frame though.

(This is the look I’m talking about)

Honestly it’s up to you if you want to take any of these suggestions, but this is what I would personally do if I was creating UI simular to yours!


Thanks! I did some extra practice and decided to work on the text in studio!
I have updated the post with a recent design

Also, I watch your channel

I like it, but it could definitely be improved. For example the textsizes are different in each button. Also I think you should change the color to a lighter blue

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Thanks, I realized the text sizes where different :sweat_smile:, otherwise, I have plans to improve the colors.

The Good
★ I like that cartoony simulator look to the buttons!
★ The colors aren’t too bright, although you could make the blue slightly duller.

Things to Improve
★ Two of the icons are white against gray, but then the coin icon breaks the balance.
★The edges could be rounded, and the text are different sizes. Add some shadows or an outline, and you’re good to go!
★One little issue is that there is a black outline around the ‘Flips’ icon.

The Conclusion
This is a great start, but you can definitely improve. You did a great job! :+1:

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