Added bevels back to Roblox

Hello World!

So I’ve spent these past few days recreating 2008 Roblox.
And I finally decided that I would add bevels to the game.
It was a success!!!

I made a forum post complaining about something that I definitely do not remember haha

I have finally found a way to add bevels back.
First I added the bevel system. Try it on a small map. IT WORKED NO LAG!!!

Then I tried it on a big map. IT WORKED WITH LAG!!!

So I spent just a few hours optimizing it and I am happy to announce the finished results!

Give me feedback pls


Woah, this is really cool! You even got the stud textures to display!

May I ask how you managed to accomplish this?

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I used Roblox’s CSG API V3. Thank you for asking.

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