Adding a button connection from the Roblox DevForum to the Roblox website for Mobile App users who accidentally pressed the Roblox DevForum link

Hello, I’m Paul, I would like to suggest something for the Developer Forum. What if Roblox added a button or shortcut where we could press and take us to the Roblox website from here in the Developer Forum for people who accidentally pressed the DevForum link through the Mobile app that took them to the Temporary DevForum Page?
I think this is very helpful because it’s more easier for people to get to the Roblox website without having to press a random person’s profile.
What do you guys think about this?

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What is the point though, you can just ctrl + a + backspace your search bar then type The use case for this button is very niche and I don’t see it being added.

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Don’t you think it would be accessible for new forum users though? Because the first time I accessed this forum a year ago(through a DevForum link I accidentally pressed in the site), I got confused on how to go back to the roblox website which I could say the button idea is still recommendable though.

It’s as easy as typing into the search bar, I really don’t see the point for a button. With that reasoning Twitter should have a button to go to Facebook.

Actually, yeah for computer users but how about app users? You know when you press a DevForum link on the Roblox Mobile App, for the first time you see the DevForum you would want to get back to the app right? I mean you will get sent to the temporary DevForum page but you still need something accessible to get back to the app most times new users who encounter the DevForum for the first time this way they would really suggest a button in which it will take you back to the Roblox site or Roblox app.

On app, double click the home button and go to Roblox…

On website, clear the search bar and type

I don’t know what else to say so I won’t.

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I appreciate your suggestion though.

Though actually I tried your suggestion and it worked for mobile so, I appreciate your suggestion

Can you show a video of what this flow looks like? Why can’t you just press the previous/back button, or close the web page and go back to the other app you were using?


Actually that is the solution to that problem. I was just concerned in the first place when I joined the DevForum when I accidentally pressed the link back a year ago.
But the app looks updated nowadays, so now it’s easier to get back for people who accidentally pressed the DevForum link that sent them to the Temporary DevForum Page.

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