Adding a Node Editor to my visual scripting plugin!

Hello everyone!

This is a small devlog/showcase, I’m not sure if I’ll make another one.
But I’d like some feedback and ideas, here.

So, I already have a visual scripting plugin, EventBlocks and it currently has a scripting engine like Scratch.
But I’ve realised I could make two engines in the same plugin.
And, I’m making a node editor to my plugin as an alternative visual scripting engine.

Here’s some pictures:


It currently doesn’t have many features. It doesn’t even compile to lua yet.

But I’d like some feedback, about the design of the nodes, what could I improve.
Also I’ve never used Unreal’s Blueprint or Unity’s Bolt. So if you know a feature that could be useful for EventBlocks’ Node Editor as well, please share it in the replies.

Have a great day!


Quick update!
I’ve made if statements working!


Great! I like node editing a lot more than the one that scratch has personally. I find it easier to use haha

Maybe add curves to the lines, that would definitely make it look nice. However it may require lots of frames, so I am unsure as some scripts can be very complex :confused:

Marvelous. I use this plugin occasionally and I look forward to having more functionalities! I’ve always loved using UE5, and I’d adore to have something incredibly similar. In the final version I do suggest that there be tons of lua functionality and curved lines.