Adding a Open/Closed Post Feature

:roblox: Hello Developers! :roblox:

All over the DevForum as people looking to hire we can find it rather frustrating having pages filled with [CLOSED] services or clicking on a post to find that they have what you’re seeking but their services being closed. So I’d like to make a suggestion that users can temporarily hide their posts until they are ready to show their posts again - that way any posts we see relating to Portfolios we know are completely up to date and are available.

Let me know what you think, would this be a good idea for the DevForum?


Yea, I don’t have problems with this(Because I don’t hire any person) , but this will make the DevForum really better!

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It may be better to wait for the TalentHub to enter into public use (outside of the current private beta) rather than introduce new features into the #collaboration category.


As well, you can narrow down your search in the meantime:

If users will forget to update their closed-open status they will probably forget to unlist their topic as well.

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The point of the idea is not to aid people forgetting to set their open/closed status, it is to remove all closed posts from the category completely by having people unlist them rather than rename to CLOSED and clog up the category.

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