Adding a Play Time Counter For Games

I’ve always wondered on much total time I have spent playing one specific game on the ROBLOX platform.

On Steam, this is a feature where it would log your total play time playing one game. I find it useful to see on how much time I played playing one game. This is a private feature for it.

Introducing a Play Time Counter
What this counter would do is where it would log your play time playing one game. When a player joins a game, any game in that matter, it would log on how many minutes/hours you’ve spent on that one game, and would it would stop once you leave that one game. It would start going up again once you rejoin that one specific game. This would happen on every game you play and it wouldn’t start logging your time until you join that one game. Every game’s play time counter would be set to 0, and if you join one game, it would go up until you leave that one game. This feature would remain private to the player, so no one else can see on how long that player has played one game for.
I am aware some Roblox games do this through badges or awarding ingame currency for staying there for a certain time, but other games do not.

Roblox Site Badges
As a person who hasn’t seen a newly added Roblox badge in a while, I feel this could be a great way for people to go out and play games. The badge would be awarded when a player would play any game on the Roblox platform for playing the time limit the badge requirement is. Sets of badges, 30 minutes played, 1 hour played, 2 hour played.
Badge Concept

Why would this remain private?
There are many cases on why,

  1. A Roblox Developer can manipulate a person into playing their game longer, as if a Roblox Developer would see this publicly, they would just go to that person and say play this game until you reach this specified time limit and receive a rewawrd/prize.

  2. A person can harass another person by sending in negative comments towards that person by saying, “You play this game too much” “Go play something else” and this could cause a person who loves Roblox quit the platform or stop playing a game just because their time played is showed publicly.

Where would this be shown privately?
Since Roblox has some space on their ‘Continue Playing’ section on the home page, I feel like this would be a great way where this could be shown only towards that one specific user.

It would be shown like this, the game’s timer would be off the the right with some type of timer/clock and there would be a minutes played/hours played with a number attached to it

Could there be more additional things?
There could be a minor update to the ‘Home’ tab where a new section would be included, and it would show the play time counter for games. This would be shown privately, and a user can update it where if they want to show this section or not.
Q - What would it be called? A - Play Time Counter Games.


Right now on Roblox is it impossible to see stats about how long you’ve spent on each game and Roblox in total. On other platforms, such as Steam, it is a commonplace to get stats on how long you’ve spent playing games.

As a player on Roblox, total playtime is a stat that I am curious about; not only is total playtime a fun stat to have, but it also gives an idea of how well you are progressing in a game concerning how long you’ve spent playing it.