Adding a review section for sellers

When people make posts about their GFX, GUI, building, etc. work, you do not really get a place to see what other’s thought of this individual. If they leave reviews in the reply section then you can, but not many people do. Most of the replies are either asking questions or asking them to add them on Discord. I feel like a review section would really intrigue customers to leave reviews, other than saying nothing. This would also help their future customers decide if they want to hire them or not.


I agree with this. If a game team is looking for people to hire, they need some sort of basis on how he/she is. Sure, their previous work can show it, but their impact on the community is also important.

This can allow professional teams to actually hire professional people (decided by the community) and vise versa.


most of the time, when portfolios are released (by the recruited developer if they have one) past commissioned clients leave comments down below to say if their work meets up to standards, overall behaviour of said person and how long it took them for the completed task.

I do wish people were more vocal about this just to prevent issues (regarding work etc.)

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This system is good but has a flaw which has been talked about before I believe,

Basically any feedback the OP doesn’t like they have a right to flag it under the terms of it being a personal attack, no matter how you word it. And if you were to put it down to the owner of the portfolio to not flag any posts criticising them, then good luck with that…

Personally I feeel the ability to leave negative reviews would greatly benefit the majority of the forum, alas, many believe it goes against the spirit of the forum.


I think a reputation system would be good, certain amounts of reports could perhaps lead to a direct moderation action?

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Dev rel is somewhat allergic to developer disputes. If you get screwed over by a developer, your screwed over. End of story.

The only realistic case in which a portfolio would be moderated for a similar reason would be if they are claiming others work as their own.

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Yeah, but honestly, there needs to be some accountability on DevRel’s end for taking action against scams and such.

I see what you’re saying, but either way, scamming is also against the ToS, same for asset theft etc etc, so there should be something in place to punish it quicker.

yeah there should be a way to know if said developer is toxic or gives off a very bad vibe, especially scamming too - you can get away with it even on the forums.

At the same time, the scammer would pretty much have to state ‘I scammed the person’ for roblox to even consider the case as valid.

Scamming may be against TOS but there is no realistic way for roblox to accurately enforce it.

There are people who have scammed me 600k robux who can still dev ex to this day with no moderation action against their account.

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Mhm, I can see that being an issue, but if there’s evidence provided by the victim, isn’t that enough for an investigation at least?

Developer relations would rather not involve themselves with those issues. That is why you should do a background check on people you work with before working with them.

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If you really want to leave a negative comment I recommend the feedback sandwich, however I believe the OP could still get it taken down.

From experience we pretty much have the power to get any reply moved from our portfolio if we don’t like it.

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yeah that’s the sad part but when you ask the developer for past commissions - that turned out bad or were cancelled -they’ll most likely not bring it up or lie about it as it’d bring down reputation and more job offers. I prefer being honest upfront so I can know who I’m dealing with.

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If you want to take action your only hope is getting the other party to sign a contract before work then resolving it in court.

As said, roblox won’t touch developer disputes.

that said if you make it public enough roblox most likely will do something since if there is one thing roblox hates more then dealing with scammers, it’s bad publicity.

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yeah, a single reply can get flagged (from experience) and to know that if developer’s legit, tolerable and good to work with, that would be good. at least some validation of course.

Realistically as much as I would like the ability to
Leave unbiased feedback I can’t see this feature request actually going anywhere as I said before.


Disagree – we should refrain from expanding on Collaboration here in any way whatsoever. It should be moved to a different product off-forum. It does not fit on a product meant for discussion, support and platform feedback.