Adding a school to a game however the rules regarding children and schools is a bit unclear

I script for a driving roleplay game and the owner suggested we add various things related to schools (School Bus, a school building, a job where you pick up kids to school, etc.) however to me atleast there is a major issue here. Our game features cops and robbers too (Robbing, guns, cops, shootouts, etc.) and find it very risky to add school related things to the game because of that.

At least thats what my common sense suggests, child and gun shouldn’t be in one picture, I even rechecked the ToS to see if anything regarding schools and guns lies in there, but the closest I found was regarding real world events (irl School shootings perhaps), things get even more blurry when I look at for example Ultimate Driving, they have guns and criminals too and you can bring a gun to the school and shoot at it without consequences and the game never had issues from it.

So in short, what exactly is the fine print between guns and schools/children to stay safe? Is it representing children as something else? Is it fine if we allow guns to be brought close to the building? Perhaps not let people wielding guns to get close to it instead? Or am I just overreacting this?

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I’m sure it’s fine because many games have that I believe.

Well you could probably add guns or something it’s just I would recommend and you can also add police teams to make the game for fun.

You should be okay if you have guns and schools in the same game. Just make sure you do not allude to the action of shootings in any way.

If you want to be even safer, remove the players gun if they bring it onto school grounds.

Due to the shooting in Texas, you should be very cautious around this stuff. Maybe automatically remove all weaponry when near a school zone.

When you go near a school with a weapon, you could have a super fast noob spawn behind your camera view, jump on you quickly and confiscate your weapon :stuck_out_tongue: (or maybe a police npc :slightly_smiling_face:).