Adding Chat for Roblox Mobile Website

Greetings, I’m Paul, people sometimes call me Mega at the platform and my topic is about ‘Adding Chat for the Roblox Mobile Website’

The Issue
As Roblox users, tend to socialize with others with their friends, people sometimes borrow temporary devices from their friends or family members.
For instance, let’s just say some users go on a trip with their friends or family though they forgot their mobile devices at home, they tend to borrow the gadgets or devices of a friend’s or cousin’s to socialize on Roblox.
Though, at times, the person they borrowed the device from won’t allow them to download Roblox on their device for specific reasons, and the only way the user who borrowed the device is through logging in the Roblox website through ‘Safari’ or the internet search engine for mobile, though at times it can cause inconvenience to chat with they’re friends because of lacking the feature where users can chat others users in the mobile website of Roblox.

Feature Proposal
Roblox should add a chat similar to the ones they have in the PC version where they have chat once they log-in their account in the website, though they should add this to mobile. It would also help users to socialize and chat with others despite not even needing to download the Roblox App when they temporarily need to log-in the website through another’s device.