Adding data slots/save slots using Suphi's Datastore Module (SDM)

Does anyone know how to create a data slot/save slot (whatever you want to call it) system using Suphi’s Datastore Module (SDM)? I am currently in the process of changing my game from using the default Roblox datastore system to SDM. Currently, I’m stuck on creating a save slot system using SDM.

Progress so far:

  • Datastore created:“Player”, plr.UserId)

  • folder “mainValues” inside with IntValue named “Slots” inside of it. Slots defaults to 1 (it only defaults to 1 if it is your first time playing, or if you haven’t purchased the “Extra Character Slot” developer product before, and increases by +1 every time you buy a developer product for 100 R$. (similar to Deepwoken)

  • slots value is saved in the datastore.

What I need help with:

  • Having different subsections of the main datastore with values specific to each slot (for example, slot 1 could be level 5, slot 2 could be level 3 etc)

  • Loading in the datastore so we know how many slots the player owns before loading in slot specific data. (slot specific data is what’s mentioned above)