Adding Extra Talent Hub Customisation Options

As a Roblox Developer, it’s currently too hard to create a unique portfolio on the Talent Hub. At the current moment, the Talent Hub offers multiple options for displaying your previous experience, but its base layout is the exact same on all creator pages.

I propose more customisation options be available; such as:

  • The personalisation of your creator page background.
  • The ability to edit the placement of your creator page Open to work, Skills, Links and Experience sections.
  • The ability to expand and contract your Experience section/sections within a predetermined size range.
  • The ability to add image and/or text sections alone.

If this issue is addressed, it would improve my development experience as it would enable me and all talent hub users to create a more unique and personalized creator page.


Something similar to GitHub’s username/username/ feature would probably add a lot of customizability to the Talent Hub portfolio. Pretty much every developer who has customized their profile on GitHub has included colorful graphs, statistics, and links to various projects, contributions, and organizations.


I appreciate your suggestion but unfortunately, Bloxfoilo isn’t a place I’d prefer to host my portfolio at this time.

I created this feature request to suggest a feature to add to the already existing talent hub; there isn’t really an issue that needs to be resolved but more of enabling talent hub users more personalisation over their creator profile.


What we need is a unlimited box of text that has markdown, html, and bbcode support

so we can actually format our portfolios how we want to