Adding More 0 To Hours / Minutes

Hello, so i just want in a line adding more “0” to my date:

My Current Date Returned by script: 0:0 → It Should return 00:00
Did Anyone know how i can do this?

Thank you!

Could you send the script so I can take a look at it

Hi There, Simply

This is where im actualy taking the time:

local TimeTable = {
	["ActualTime"] = os.time() + 7200,
	["StartTime"] ="!*t", EventsSettings.StartDate + 7200),
	["EndTime"] ="!*t", EventsSettings.EndDate + 7200),

EventsSettings Return a time GMT (+ 7200) It’s for add the time zone.

The Problem is to return when I want to show this value a value with more 0
Ex: StartTime Return = Hours & Minutes: 1:45 i just want this to become 01:45

I believe this can help you:

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