Adding physics substep for a raycast suspension system for low fps

I would like assistance with solving the problem which happens at low fps described below for a raycast suspension system which uses vector forces:

Currently I have tried adding a velocity prediction/substep to the drag force which did not work. I believe I have to either add more substeps or add a substep for the spring forces as well.

local function predictVelocity(currentNetForce, mass, currentYVelocity, timeStep : number)
    local acceleration = currentNetForce/mass --F = ma
    local addedVelocity = acceleration*timeStep --Integrate acceleration, assuming constant acceleration
    return currentYVelocity + addedVelocity

--prediction code commented out
--Inside an update loop below:

        -- local dragYForce = currentYVelocity*damping

        -- local currentNetForce = dragYForce + totalSpringForce - workspace.Gravity*mass -- + is up, - is down

        -- local velocityPrediction = predictVelocity(currentNetForce, mass, currentYVelocity, dt/2)
        -- local averageVelocity = (velocityPrediction + currentYVelocity) * 0.5
        -- local newDragYForce = averageVelocity*damping

        local newDragYForce = currentYVelocity*damping

        -- print(roundToDecimal(currentYVelocity, 2), roundToDecimal(velocityPrediction, 2))
        self._vectorSpringDragForce.Force  =,-newDragYForce,0)

The latest full code is in the GitHub in the HipHeight component module.

Thank you if you are able to providing any help.

I should head to sleep now, probably will work on the suggested ideas and solve the issue once I get time.

I have solved it although its not perfect:

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