Adding Someone To Team Create Under a Group Game

Hello. I’m trying to add just one user to my game, but I’m having issues doing it.

I am friends with the user, and I don’t want to give an entire role access.

I tried looking it up, but I couldn’t find a result.

Does anyone know a fix?


click the drop down, by the game icon image and allow whatever part of the group the player is in(admin, member, etc) to edit the game, if you want only him, he needs to be in a group all by himself, and I am pretty sure that he needs to be part of the group…I think…

Exactly what what @colbert2677 said…

You aren’t able to grant individual users edit or management permissions to a group game. I’m not sure if there’s a real blocker to doing this or if Roblox just decided to solve a nonexistent problem again but you may only grant play access to individual users. If you need a user to be able to edit your game, then you need to create a separate role to grant edit access to.