Adding sound permissions for my experience doesn't work with some sounds?

Please read, I’ve tried to add permissions in my sound for my game, I’ve correctly added the universe ID to the permissions, upon adding my universe ID to the permissions, It says “Already Added” the “save changes” button is grayed out and cannot save the permissions, upon refreshing the page, the permission doesn’t save of course because the “Save changes” button is grayed out, when trying to play the audio in my game I cannot, please help with this, I am the one that uploaded the sound and the owner of the game but I cannot use the sound due to some kind of new “glitch”? I have never seen this happen, it happens with some audios and some experiences, tried restarting pc, contacting support, researching, uninstalling and reinstalling. Quite strange and possibly frustrating because I am trying to really add the permissions but it doesn’t work