Adding thumbnail image to Discord Webhook

Hello, so I have a game about trading, we release roblox limiteds in the game. And i am making a discord webhook where it announces new items that i release. When an item is created, it grabs the asset id of the item. I am wondering how I can add a thumbnail to my discord Embed, that is the same iamge of the asset id (For example, the Image of the domino crown)

here is what i tried: but it did not work.

local itemimage = "rbxthumb://type=Asset&id="..assetid.."&w=150&h=150"
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Maybe try using an HTTP url to send to discord:


Also, it’s possible to send a rich embed to a webhook through roblox, I don’t have that code right now though, just saying it’s possible.

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The image still doesn’t show up, but when i use the rbxcdn (which you cant get from the asset id), it does show up

Do you have the asset ID in this scenario? If so, give this a shot:

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Thanks for a response, upon trying this, it still sent the webhook, it just came up empty. So far the only thing that worked was the direct image id (when I right click and open image in new tab), but as far as I know, there is no way to find out that from the Asset ID (which is all im given)