Additional social link sites

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to link to sites other than the five we are currently given access to as social links. There are many websites that are useful to developers and users that are not twitch,youtube,facebook,twitter,and discord.
Some of the websites that should be added and use cases are as follows:

Allows for you to have some or all of your games code open source so that if you have a community with members that are competent in programming, they can help you with your project by making pull requests with their own additions to the code, without giving your members full and uncontrolled access to your games placefile.
Users can also use the issues feature on github to report problems with your game

Lets you link your profile or development studio so that other developers can see that your past developments, and what you have worked on in the past

Amino is a social platform that, while not as popular as discord, is used as a social platform by many roblox users Example: Developers can make their own amino, where they have moderation and have their users make blog posts and wikis for their game.

Lets developers show players a roadmap of what updates are coming and which updates are planned

Link to bulletin board posts that contain better information on the game, images, and all the other features of the devforum

Popular Streaming Site as an alternative to twitch


You should also include something on trello, as I’m sure many games/groups have their own trello boards, mostly games for development purposes and groups for upcoming events.


I’ll add that to the opening post :yum:
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Another link that should be added. We can use bulletin boards freely, but I think a button would look nice.

Making a limit bigger because of that would be welcome as well.


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I think that adding Mixer links should be added as well since it’s gaining popularity recently and it’s a great alternative to YouTube and Twitch, as well as having pretty low latency


I added it to the opening post

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