Addressing the issues with troll posts and Proposed Solutions to fix them

Out of all the given solutions, I think a quiz for reading the rules could be the most helpful. To me, it’s a matter of forcing users to get familiar with the rules as they’re forming their first ideas about the nature of the forum.

Also, I don’t think that finding more trolls and troll posts to talk about on this thread is very helpful to actually getting the problem fixed.


It’d be a waste of time and effort since all the answers would be out online very quickly and defeat the purpose of it. No matter how many questions where you can compile and throw them into the mix, you’ll end up with everything out in the wild.

Regardless of how someone gets ahold of the answers, they’re still being forced to enter facts about the rules into a form, which is probably going to cause them to process what they’re putting down to some degree. Of course, this isn’t going to stop people who blatantly troll just for the sake of trolling, but it might help inform people who don’t know any better and post joke topics because they never took the time to read the rules.

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Tbh I laugh hard at these trolls


Very interesting topic…

My proposed solution would be:

  • Create an intermediate rank between Visitor and Member, for sake of explanation and lack of a better name, called “New Member”, TL0.5
  • Ratelimit posts and replies from TL0.5, something like 3 post replies in a day and 1 new post per week, reply limit waived on their own posts
  • Lock problematic categories like DD from New Member, or add even stricter ratelimits to DD posts like “1 post in a 3 month period”
  • Automatically rank up users to Member if they meet certain criteria like “80% of posts not taken down and less than 5 posts taken down in a 3 month period, all statistics”

I believe this would be an effective solution because it would increase the time cost needed for a determined troll, allow new users limited access to learn the rules, and incentivize good posting as a consistently good poster would get ranked up in 3 months while a bad poster would take 1 year or two at worst, his consistent damage mitigated by the ratelimits.


Great. I’ll add that to the OP. :slight_smile:

Edit: There. Done :slight_smile:

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Moderators should also use context clues to see if the account is just made for trolling or if it’s a genuine account who posted something unknowingly.


Agreed. Its pretty obvious these days to tell whether the account is just made for trolling and causing chaos or not. I’ll add your solution to the OP.

Edit: Done

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Due to a recent situation, where a single user created a bunch of alts for the sole purpose of trolling, it has become clear that part of this problem is alternate accounts. A solution to this could be requiring email verification, and only allowing one account per email. However this may not do much as it is easy to create an email address.

That is already a thing and even then nothing stops a user from making a new email account. If anything, they should ip ban said users.

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It is? Cool I guess, I was unaware that it existed. Is the one account/email a thing though?

A VPN could easily bypass an IP Ban though.

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I feel like this would be a great time to bump this topic when I found this Talent Hub post:

Yeah. This is real.
When I saw devforumtxt’s tweet with this screen shot I looked at the Talent Hub to see for myself and it was true.

Please Roblox. Do something about this nonsense.

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Seems like they already have. The post is gone.

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The job post was up for 30 minutes, more or less.

Don’t you find it think, at least to a certain degree, that this is an issue now?

They wanted to PAY someone to troll ._.

You’re kind of taking this too far. It’s just a forum for a lego game for crying out loud. It’s not like your life depends on this. Avoiding all the issues of “but people can’t go elsewhere” argument that has been regurgitated many times over and over again, if you can branch out to other communities like the one that I host on Guilded, that’s great. If you can’t, don’t feed it. You and many people who are overreacting to this is what they want. Attention fuels them and they see an opportunity to go at it. Roblox has tools to deal with those issues when they come. All you gotta do is flag it and move on with your day.

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You’re right. I’m taking this too seriously. Ill take your advice.

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Not only that, they wanted to pay A LOT. 50% of game revenue and a pc upgrade every 2 years? However this sounds too good to be true. That post was probably a joke.

It is supposed to be a forum to help creators. Roblox is more than a Lego game at this point, and the developer forum should be clean at least. Trolls kinda ruin that.

My point still stands. You’re giving the trolls what they want. It’s not your job to fend the trolls that only congregate in the most useless public category available. Flag and ignore it, it’s super easy…


As the owner of this post, I’m going to mark this as solved.

Here’s why:

Back at the end of January when I created this post, I thought it was a good post that made good points.

But looking at this post 5 months later, I realize that I had taken the situation too seriously.

I’ve matured a lot since this post was created, and I realized that when I created this post, all I did was give the troll exactly what he wanted: Attention.

So rather than dwelling over it and taking the situation too seriously, I’ve decided to take advice from others which is to just flag the post and move on.

Although the issue with trolls is not resolved, I’m going to mark this as a solution so people know from now on to flag the troll post and move on instead of replying to the troll post or making rant posts like this one.

Don’t make the same mistake I did.

Special thanks @ItsKoiske for helping me realize this. I really appreciate it. :slightly_smiling_face: