Adjust rotation to pitch a part up - even after adjusting the yaw

I am trying to make the vehicle pitch upwards whenever applying throttle, however, whenever it is rotated on the yaw axis (after steering), the vehicle won’t pitch upwards the same. How could I adjust my code to account for this to ensure it is always pitching upward and not how it is in the video shown below?

I am using BodyMovers like BodyGyro, BodyVelocity, and BodyPosition.

-- this is in a while loop
if seat.Throttle ~= 0 then
	if not throttle then -- this is a debounce so it's not doing flips
		throttle = true 
		rot.pitch = .5 
	bv.velocity = base.CFrame.lookVector * seat.Throttle * 50
	bv.velocity =,0,0)
	if throttle then throttle = false rot.pitch = 0 end
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