Adjusting the height of a table in Word causes Roblox to flicker


I noticed that when adjusting the height of a row of a table in Microsoft Word, the Roblox window itself goes completely white for a few moments or sometimes flashers from white to the previous gameplay. This occurs both in full screen and windowed move. Please see the below footage for an example.

Random locations within Wales for uni; unrelated to anything else.

I am a Windows 10 Pro user on 1809. This bug is not game specific. To reproduce this bug:

  1. Join any game as normal
  2. Open Microsoft Word and create a blank document or use any previous document.
  3. if not already, create a table (blank or with content is fine)
  4. Adjust the height of any of the rows of this table. Obverse Roblox

(For the best results, the use of two monitors is advised)


Doesn’t seem to be a big of a deal. Maybe report this bug to Microsoft support and see if there is a fix for it.


Thanks for your concerns. It may not appear to be a big deal to you, a sudden (and sometimes continual) flash(s) of white at night or for those with epilepsy, may result in fits.

On top of this, my post was reviewed by a sage and I’m looking at communicatation with Microsoft.


I see that it can become an issue, my apologies.