Adjusting UI depending on player device

I’ve looked through some posts about how to check player device, but it seems to be very looked down upon. I found the methods to check for player device; You can check whether they’re on xbox using this. And mobile using this:

My game uses keybinds on abilities & I’d like to have a different layout for them depending on their device. Are these methods reliable for giving players a specific UI layout?


I would say those would be reliable enough. In fact if I want to check is the player using mobile device I would use that.

Personally I wouldn’t use those for UI and I would (and I always) make one kind of UI and set the size and position using scale, not offset. That way I can have one UI and I will tweak it so it looks and feels good for all platforms.


The scaling isn’t a problem; just that text & labels such as for keybinds wouldn’t be useful to mobile players and would just be annoying. It’s also just for the comfort since my game has abilities, gotta make it comfortable for mobile users.

Though I just wanted some confirmation that those methods are fine to use, thanks! :slight_smile: