Admin commands Gui?

Okay so I saw this admin gui in the smiles family behind the scenes and realized that its most likely what they use to control the game. They have commands like “:breakstaff”,This is the gui and I’m wondering how it was made and scripted and if somebody could help me start off with creating something like it.

This is actually quite simple.
First, you would need a table

commands = {
["respawn"] = function(args)
-- args is a table with the arguments
-- to get the first argument for example, you can do args[1]

-- stuff here

then, you would need a way to read a command

lets say the command is ':respawn me'
ill leave it up to you to add player finding.

local first_prefix = string.sub(cmd, 1, 1) -- This gets the first letter of the string

if first_prefix == ":" then -- Checks if the first letter is :
local args = string.split(cmd, " ") -- Splits the string into spaces
loca command_name = args[1] -- Gets the command name
local newargs = {}
for i = 2, #args do
newargs[i] = args[i]
if commands[command_name] -- check if its a valid command
commands[command_name](newargs) -- fires the command function passing the arguments

I mean the gui that I sent not actual commands that you type in chat.

This would be the same thing. Are you talking about how you would show the gui? Or get inputs from it? I would use a local script to detect focus lost and then fire a remote event to the server, which will then handle the text the same way I posted earlier

I mean how to get inputs from the gui. I already made the gui I just need a script to get inputs.

So, basically, a local script will detect focus lost (or when the enter button is pressed while the textbox is focused), then it will fire a remote with the text as the first argument. The server will handle it from there. Make sure that you add a server check to check if the player that sent the request is on ann admin list.

Okay thank you for all the help.