Admin commands!

I’ve made myself some admin commands within a 5 day period, I challenged myself, this was my 3rd attempt at making admin commands, I think I done a great job, what’s your opinion and what should I add to the admin? :smiley:



Looks cool, you may want to add contrast to the buttons/text to make it easier to read. :+1:

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Thank you for the feedback, very usefull! I’ll try to add some contrast! :smiley:

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The black text on grey background is a bit hard to read. Also, you should probably change the font. For the chatlogs, it would look good if it was centered at the top. Looks great though.

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Great work! I’ve been doing the same for the past few months; finally working on the UI part, but there’s endless commands that could be added. If you ever need some command ideas; shoot me a message and i’ll toss some your way.

Make a Tyrone morph. you would become a player named Tyrone :tyrone me

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The UI is a tad hard to read due to the text color and background color. Also some of the images are stretched far. For the color, I would keep the background a light grey and turn the text to Gotham, white. Overall, it looks like it would work well

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A good RGB value so it’s not too bright is: 232, 232, 232.
It works quite well when I don’t want the text to be hard to look at in certain cases.

Sorry, no I don’t think that’s what a “admin script” needs.