Admin for hire ( AND MORE!)

About Me:

Hey there, i am offering my services as a Admin, Community Manager or Co-Owner, Finance Executive Team. I am a ## year old developer, administrator and has recently been studying Web Development and System Engineering. I have 2 years of experience being, a Co-Owner, Community Manager and admin. I have also studied Business and economics for 2 years, and can help with Business growth, give suggestions of ways of improvement. Moderation, i do is usually done in Discord servers, and times at the roblox group. If you’d wish the Co-Owner position, i’ll show ways so you can trust me, show my coordinating skills, and etc.


As this is administration work, i don’t know ways of presenting it. You can test me, by several questions and such to get the position. Here’s a screenshot of a comment the employer has said:

His SAO Group, where i was Co-owner with over 630 people, at the time.


I am available for nearly 8 hours on Saturday and Sunday. The Weekdays 2-5 hours, as school has started for me, in Australia.


Payment is negotiable, it depends on the tasks and job. If it’s Co-Owner a lot, if it’s just a moderation job less. I like to be friends with Staff, and not just have Business relations. We will sort this out in DMS. Keep in mind, i only accept group funds or roblox gift/game cards. I prefer Gift cards.


You can contact me Via Discord Percyception#7835 My main account:
If Discord is down, please message me VIA Twitter

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Edit for that job, got employee of the week several times, due to my dedication, hard work and etc.

I don’t believe this is the place to advertise this. I may be wrong.

It’s my portfolio, and lists of experiences.

Developer forum is not place to advertise your administration skills. Developer forum, as the name says, is made for recruiting and hiring developers and not admins. You should close this topic before someone flags it

I don’t agree. These skills are needed by games and groups; as long as it’s related with games and their growth either from the inside or in another platforms (roblox groups, discord servers, social media), it should be fine. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Its ok if you dont agree, but developer forum is used by people to recruit Developers and artist’s , and not administrators :I. Maybe there is sections where you cna potentialy advertise that but if you look at #collaboration:portfolios there is rarely someone advertising their skills as admin ;))

I think they have a roblox group for people who train to get hired by people looking for admins.

This just lists my experiences, on why you should hire me. Sorry, regardless.

I have seen it happen several times, so i did it. I’ll go on, and contact some Staff. Thanks for your criticism!

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