Admin GUI Design Feedback

I quite recently made an Admin Panel with my friend for our game and this is pretty much what we made together:

In the Panel you can

  • Ban/Unban Players

  • Configure a Players Health, Speed, Jumpower, etc…

  • Kick a Player

  • Mute a Player

  • View a Player

  • Troll a Player (makes them trip over but adding other stuff too)

  • Kill a Player

the ui is inspired by blve_hxrizon’s UI

UI Button Icons are from: Fluency Icon Library - Smooth Outline Icons [2K Icons!]

I would love to hear your feedback and Suggestions!


Pretty clean.
looks quite good too.

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8.9/10 The icons are wayy to close to the text, the textbox is big yet again, have good taste on fonts, also use shadow plugin @yo9sa made.

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some of these icons do not match the text, like


the unban and configure icons don’t make sense

Couldnt really find a matching Icon, could you suggest some?

I’ll add spaces, just realized that theyre really close

for the configuration button, maybe a gear icon? it might be a little overused but its pretty much the icon that represents configuration. for the unban button, maybe use the current configuration icon.

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This Admin GUI looks VERY good! I like the style of it! Good job on this!

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Would this look better?

Hey, a question from my side is, what font did you use for this? I intend to improve my GUI skills


I’m not sure on this but it looks like Gotham SSM Book

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The shine is too strong can you dial it down a little?

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In my opinion, this is a solid 9, I love how you did the Terminal background design and everything, however, there’s quite a problem with the text and the images besides it.

On the Ban Button, the Text and Image are perfectly aligned in the middle, but looking down, the kick button isn’t aligned in the middle.

After this change, It is a 10 out of 10 for me!

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yeah, looks much better. good job!

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looks great but some stuff that i can note is that configure is just not lining up properly,
maybe give the text and image some gradient or shadows? Theres not much else to say other than the admin planel border being full white, i think its alright without it or just make it darker.

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Yep it is the Gotham SSM Font, That’s what I mostly use for GUIS. Looks pretty good honestly.

Could you specify what do you mean by Shine, The stroke of the GUI?

Would this look better?

I mean the background, the white area is super extreme. Also, it seems split. Maybe replace the black line with a shadow or something.

It’s not split its a image I found, so I cant change much