Admin Gui for Miners Haven Open Source

This is my Custom Admin gui i made for people to use in their own Copies of the open source Miners Haven file. It has been made to be as easy to add as it can be and is easy to use as well.

Item Giving: Give items to any player
Data Giving: Give Boxes, Shards, Crystals and points ext to any player
Player Removal: Kick,ban or un-ban any player
Teleport Menu: Teleport players to set locations
Character Menu: Change speed, jump and health of a player
Money Menu: Change a players money
RP Crates: Drop crates on players
Inventory Viewer: Lets you see and control a players inventory
Layouts Menu: Lets you see,load and wipe a players layouts
Tools Menu: Give a player weapons/tools
Add Admin: Temporarily add a player to be an admin
Admins: Shows a list of everyone who has admin
Menu Options: Lets you change couple things with th gui

Get the model here:

If you have any issues please send me a message on discord at co5tello.


so is this a stolen asset of a popular game?

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Well it’s not stolen because he said


nah it’s official