Admin Panel Design

Made an admin panel, so uh feedback appreciated I guess


looks pretty sick its a good gui


Looking good! I like the color, it’s nice! Great job :smiley:

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Is it open to the public? If so I would love to use it.

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its pretty basic not gonna lie, but you did a good job though :blush:

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Thank you! It’s just a concept for one right now, as I don’t know how to script. I also made it on my phone as I don’t have a computer at the moment so I can’t upload it to studio. If I do decide to publish it for people to use, I’ll let you know.

Yeah, I was going for a ‘minimalist’ feel

There’s some inconsistent spacing between the categories labels. The pattern behind the red bar at the top is distracting and confusing. The bar itself is too high, or you should at least center the text vertically in the red bar. I recommend using icons instead of text because of the limited space you have to label the categories. There’s also some inconsistent spacing between the input boxes. The red outline around the input boxes is not needed. The contrast between its interior and the background is enough to indicate it’s a text box. The input boxes don’t line up vertically. The input box should take up more of the UI when there’s more space available.

None of this was supposed to be rude, and I do think this has potential! Good luck!

About the inconsistent spacing: this is more of a concept for me until I get my PC when I can get more detail into it and actually start developing the game this is meant for. I will make sure everything is spaced correctly though when I make my final design. For the red pattern, I kind of added it to give it some life, as it looks ‘boring’ without a pattern. What I could do is try making it more transparent so it’s not as eye catching. Regarding the words on the top, I think I’ll keep them like that as I feel icons will make it look more cartoony or just not very ‘professional’. I will definitely change the text boxes though and get rid of the red outline. I believe I commented on everything; thanks for your feedback!

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