Admin panel feedback

Today I started making an admin panel where you can ban, kick and Message the whole server but I am not that satisfied with my UI design I would appreciate some feedback on it.

To open the UI you have to do this following steps

PC : /admin Button E
Phone : /admin
xBox : ButtonA

Everyone will have permission to use kick and send message to all server in the game expect the ban.

Also, I would appreciate to give me some ideas about what should I add in Local Player page

Move your mouse here to open the Navbar


Could you open the place up first?

Oops my bad :sweat: Fixed!

(30 Character)

A really nice UI, but here’s some feedback:


  • The navbar tween in is really linear and kind of jults at the end
  • The circle effect makes the text not visible as they’re the same colour
  • The GUI alert tween takes too long for the UI to slide in/out, and the text takes ages to appear: move the tween times to about a second or less.
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I have a few problems with the UI.

There is way too much space available, try making the frame smaller and more centered?

Also there is nothing telling you that there is a side menu, how is anyone supposed to know that you could open that? You should make it so that side menu is visible at all times and center it with a smaller frame so it fits in nicer.

Instead of doing E to close, add an X button so that anyone in mobile can properly exit out of the screen and it is more convienient to some people.

Also, you shouldn’t be able to kick yourself. That doesn’t really make any sense. Other than the UI flaws and a few minor things you didn’t account for, well done!


I like the originality tbh. And the UI is also pretty nice. Generally a 8/10. :slight_smile:

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In this screenshot there is wayy too much white space, fill it up with something or shrink the box, in all honesty making the side bar stay there permenantly would fill up quite a bit of this white space.

The Local Player tab is empty.
When you type something in the box it you cannot tell if you have interacted with the box, example:

Also whilst on the Server tab, the scrollbox is way too big, try shrinking it so you don’t scroll through so much white space.

However, you seem to be just starting in UI Design and it seems like you have a good grasp on the concepts, good luck with updating this & your future endevours.

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Hello DevOfLua,

The UI, in my opinion, looks too empty. I have been playing with it and I spotted a big problem. Your “Message all server” function is not Filtered properly.

You should look over this article: Chat | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub

A game not using this filter function for custom chat or other user generated text may be subjected to moderation action.

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The UI looks quite good, however there is some problems with it here a couple of things to fix up:

My Suggestions

  • As other’s pointed out, there is a lot of space on the Home tab that you could add more details on it. I would recommend you make the tab more smaller and center the! avatar,name,age as you can see below it doesn’t look centered! and you could add more details to your ui home tab.

  • On the server tab your. ScrollingFrame doesn’t go up all the way as you can see below when you scroll to the first element the scrollingframe stays. At the first element i would suggest you fix that and as “Kiriot” had said! you should change the size so it would end at the last element. At the bottom of the page!!

  • Also on the side menu i have notice that, the text on the menu doesn’t look centered i would suggest you bring it up a bit more instead. Of having it at the bottom it would look more better if you centered it so it! could be more easier to click once you open the “Side Menu” i would recommend you fix that a bit more…

Overall you have really done a great job on your “Admin Panel” i would just fix up those little details on it hope to. Hope to see more of this!


I like the UI very much, I like how the announcements go to the chat bar instead of the screen, also, I like the smoothness of the UI. Some things you can fix could be the empty space and the scrolling to nothing. Good job with the UI, :smiley:

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I like the tweens and the text that writes itself out when doing the server message.

I do have some critiques though. I’m on phone and it was a little difficult to open the nav bar. I’d recommend adding a nav bar button for mobile (or all) devices.

The nav bar is a little plain. I think it’d look better if the text was all the same size and maybe adding a background to the buttons.

The second opinion is more personal, so that’s up to you.

I love it, so keep it up!

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