Admin panel system banned for "luring users offsite"

hey, the roblox admin panel system im developing recently got taken down for “misusing roblox’s services” and “leading users off-platform”, ive reviewed my code and UI, but i havent found anything remotely close to leading users off platform besides for a HTTP request url used in the GUI’s server script.

the game that mainly uses this panel is Tower Creator (which is a game i dev for btw) (links at bottom) owned by Boring Tower Studio, which relies on my panel for all types of moderation in their game, and also this panel was being developed for an eventual public release on the dev fourms which now sadly will have to be released as an rbxm to ask for help finding out why my model is being deleted, or if any staff members of roblox could restore the model and review this for me.

i thought i found out the issue and uploaded the module again as i ran out of appeal attempts on the old module, but i guess i was wrong.

heres the rbxm aswell, which sucks as it has some features i didnt want to have surface until they were finished and announced as they couldve been extremely useful. so at the very least i can ask not to take code from my panel and if you would like to use the panel, message me on defourms and i will gladly let you once the situation is all sorted out.
fragment admin panel frowning face emoji.rbxm (663.0 KB)

someone please help me out, specifically a roblox staff member if possible. i cant figure this out and its becoming urgent for the game

thank you guys and have a good day


issue resolved i love you roblox moderation

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yay, Roblox’s moderation may be the best in the world :D


nvm so every time i update the model it will get banned, so this might become an issue.

once again reinstated which makes me happy but concerned as i have to appeal every upload


Roblox Moderation, powering being sonic.
(TLDR: Roblox reviewed my image in less than a minute :grin:)

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