Admin Panel UI Design Feedback

So I recently made a UI Design for an Admin Panel and this is what I came up with:

· In my Admin Panel, You’ll select a player before you can see the administrative controls like (Ban, Configure, Kick…)

· You can see the basic informations such as (Username, Display Name, Role, UserId)

· Beside the Administrative Controls you can see the History Logs. This shows player’s activities whilst in the game such as (Left, Joined, Resetted, Chatted)

UI Button Icons are from: Fluency Icon Library - Smooth Outline Icons [2K Icons!]

[[This project is scrapped]]


oh wow! that looks good! one thing is that the log area is in a bit awkward place and many people might misunderstand it make it either a section or something similar.


Looks amazing! Will you ever make this available publicly?

Looks fantastic! Do you ever intend to use it? It seems like a good system.

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Oh… I got surprised when I saw it, it is incredible!

Well you shouldn’t make a topic for it because there’s nothing to change, it is perfect :wink:


I redesigned it a little for about 20 minutes.


I will respectfully state the changes:

  1. I removed the minimize button
  2. I transformed the Search Icon into an input field
  3. I removed the UserId
  4. I removed the menu icon
  5. I changed the Mute icon

I will now explain why i did the changes:

First of all, i believe that the close button is enough assuming you can reopen the panel after closing. Which would make the minimize button useless… But if you can’t reopen the panel then minimize button should be brought back and the close button begone.

Secondly, i assume that the search icon is used to search players but it being in the topbar makes it misleading, also if you added a input field when the button is pressed it would look badly aligned, if you added pop-out the admin would have to move their cursor to the middle. So i brought it down and it’s now aligned with the players with a visible input field so the admin can search very rapidly without the need to move cursor twice or click a button.

Thirdly, the UserId is quite unnecessary, it could revealed using the “View More” button.

Fourtly? Im gonna take a wild guess and assume the menu icon open a sidebar. The admin panel seems very complete so i removed it but you can bring it back if you have others views. You can also change it with the logo of your admin panel.

Fifthly? The icon is misleading unless it’s for voice chat, I changed it to a crossed out bubble chat. But it’s from Google Icons which is material design and not fluent ui, you may change it.

Final Feedback: The admin panel looks great it took me a while to find things to change :sweat_smile:, At first glance i observed the image and found out that you always use the same background it makes it a little repetitive but nonetheless it’s a beautiful background image.


Thanks for the feedback! Appreciated it!
I might reply the finished version once I learned about your feedback!

Although the panel when closed can be access by Ctrl + Shift + X which is very difficult when quickly accessing it. The minimize button helps to access it by minimizing it as a movable bubble.

I decided to make it accessible by key code so it would not interfere with the gameplay.

And really thanks for the Icon suggestions

I’m going to reply once again for the finished version and might change the main picture post.


the search bar doesnt really fit the design of the GUI so i reccomend changing it by changing the color.

Although this post is a history, what search bar? there wasn’t a search bar in the picture associated to this post.

I belive MEWHENIFINDCRINGE is refering to the picture zFlesh sent, witch includes a search bar in the bottom right.

yes thats the search bar i was talking about