Admin ui feedback

What could I do to make this ui better?

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Text, near the border looks weird / Announcements looks small

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I’d suggest making all the text a uniform size instead of scaling it on overflow to fit in the bottom left corner. Consistency will make this UI look cleaner.

I think the gradients could also be improved by making them all move in the same direction. Additionally, if your gradients have warmer colours transitioning to cooler ones, try placing the cool hues in a predictable location on each of the buttons.

(very hasty example)

To be honest it’s kind of hard to read “Flight Info” and “Admin” maybe you should add a background for the texts OR make the text colours a bit darker and “Announcements” looks way too small. Also every panel looks empty unless you’re going to add something to them.

it doesn’t fill up entire thing, i can’t see text well and the gradients dont fit in add images instead