ADN - Anti-DisplayName v1.0

You can view the source of the module. All that will go off in an antivirus is the chat modules (the roblox chat is made out of a bunch of modules). I usually make most of my resources available by just a requires.


Display names are still visible in the escape menu, and all it really is is just a different leaderboard and removing names above player’s heads. I wouldn’t really call it “Anti” display name.

EDIT: Alright so actually it just hides the player names locally, although you can still view other players names. Besides this I realized that all names are the color red. Not sure if thats a good thing or not, but it’s definitely odd.


every game uses it to load modulescripts


Hides it in most places really.

Oh yeah, it is designed to make it so you don’t have a playerlist that looks like this in a game “John,EpicSwordGuy,Robloxian12432,NOOB,LOLZ”
and so you don’t have a fake mrflimflam saying you will get free robux/vbucks/limiteds


Quite simple but I’m glad you did it, good work


You can’t change that, you can only change what Settings toggles players can control etc

I would think you’d be able to modify the leaderboard but I’ve never tried changing the leaderboard in any way other than disabling it.

Does it not disable display names in chat or did Roblox revert the default option for that?

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Thanks for pointing that out. With that being said isn’t it better to just deal with display names instead of trying to remove them?

You could disable the default leaderboard ui and make a new one?

The leaderboard uses Roact if I am correct. There is no way to enable or disable display names on it. I modified the config of the chat and replaced the chat files just in case roblox removes that option.

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This is probably roblox’s fault, they should’ve realized that a capital i can look like an l.

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Didn’t notice this originally, what’s the point of using this when there’s a million other custom playerlists you could use

Even though I have one, I don’t like the idea of it.

Bad move then, wouldn’t recommend. Forking the chat is going to disable you from getting future updates, I don’t think Roblox will change the option to disable display names anytime soon

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The displaynames on the menu are fine because it shows the username. The playerlist and the chat don’t show the names and I don’t think a kid would check if mrflimflam/drtrayblox were saying they would give them free premium and 99999999999999999 robux?

Yeah I guess you’re right, I can see the uses of this. But I can’t see anyone using it, Most developers probably don’t care.

I see what you mean but I need to replace the chat modules because the old ones already loaded the config with display names.

You can click on someone’s name.

Least likely YouTuber to get impersonated anyways

Kids are smart, if they’re over the age of 10 then they know that it’s a scam


Can’t you just do this?

Just disable them both. Not on my laptop so had to find this post.

Ok, I will do that. Seems better to me too.

Ok, I changed it

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Does it show teams, like their name, color and vice versa?

There is code to read the team color but I couldn’t get it working

Suggestion: It should give a message if someone tries to friend themselves.

If they try and friend someone else it sends a conformation but if they try and friend themselves nothing happens.

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I am aware, I’m just saying it should alert them instead of just doing nothing. If there’s a button, something needs to happen when it’s clicked.