Adonis Admin Commands Themes | How do I set them?

I am working on a new admin system and used adonis ~ version I am using ~ and I want to edit one of the themes so I did and I got the themes from the main module ~ module ~ and I edited it. When I went to put it in the themes folder and set the name of the themes in the settings script, it did not work.

TL;DR How do you use your own theme for adonis edited from a default theme?

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Try don’t ask in ROBLOX for help for a third party plugin, use their official documentation or whatsoever or ask the creator


I wanted to ask here because I know a lot of games use the this plugin. I didn’t want to go right away to the creator and I have read the documentation and have searched everywhere and can’t find out how.

Unfortunately, although people here are able to assist you on general code related stuff, Adonis is like its own “product” and we’re not exactly the kind of people who have learned that much about it. I daresay you’ll be able to find more help on a general forum.

Its pretty easy, all you do is go to settings then scroll down and you will see a setting called theme. Hope this helped :grinning:

That would be for the built-in themes. But thanks for the info. :slight_smile:

no probelmo but there is a plugin

I get what you mean and I was just trying to see if anyone on here used it. It’s a really popular admin system so I thought I would give it a shot. :slight_smile:

Could you send the link to me by chance? I think that is it

Okay, I will look into it later I hope this works If I found out how to do it I will post it here.