Adonis Admin Rank Commands Help

Hello there,
I am not the best at scripting so I need a bit of help on perfecting the Admin for my game.
I am trying to make it so that certain roles can only have certain commands. I have figured I need to do the example below but with every single command.

-settings.Permissions = {":kill:Creators"} -- The :kill bit is what command and the :Creator bit is what level of admin+ can use it.

I need a list of every single Adonis Admin command that I can copy and paste. I have searched on numerous websites but found nothing useful and you sadly can’t copy and paste the commands on the game.

If anyone knows how I can find a list of Adonis Admin commands that would be much appreciated.

Thank you.


You could join the game and run :cmds to view all the commands.
Other than that, I don’t think there is some sort of documentation stating every possible command on Adonis.

Thank you. I was just seeing if there was an easier way

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It happens to be perhaps another way. Adonis MainModule is free, which means it can be copied. On that module you have to go on “Server” then search for the command file and go in it. There, you’ll find a long, really long list with all the commands and possible aliases. It might be a bit overcomplicated but if you’re looking to see every single command of adonis, then it’s one of the best ways. Plus you will be able to look at the code and the functions.

Here it is:

Sorry for the late reply, just found this thread and want to help anyone who comes across it. An official plugin has been pushed to help with this issue: