Adonis command bar breaks chat

I use adonis admin. When opening the command bar, it hides the chat. However, closing the bar makes the chat disappear now. I have searched for in all scripts but nothing mentions it.

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The only solution I can think of is to switch to another Admin module. HD Admin is the most popular, although Kohls Admin works just as well.

An easy solution to this is use .Changed on startergui and :GetCoreGuiEnabled

Check if the chat is disabled and if so then do

game:GetService("StarterGui"):SetCoreGuiEnabled(Enum.CoreGuiType.Chat, true)

Make sure you’re doing this in a localscript, although the chat bar may still be enabled while using the admin bar.
This shouldn’t be a problem however, as the keybind for the command bar and chat are different.

Another thing, I have a menu that I don’t want chat to show on. Would this make it show there?

That would make the chat show, since it ALWAYS checks if the chat is disabled, no matter what.

Yes it probably would, although you can just make sure

gui.Enabled == false 


frame.Visible == false

My question is, why did this happen? It worked perfectly fine before and after the new topbar.

Since you couldn’t find it with searching, the admin probably uses a deprecated function to hide the topbar. This new update would mean that that function is not supported correctly anymore.

The problem is, I looked through all scripts for ways it hides the topbar and nothing.

That’s what i’m saying?
Actually, after looking through your code, Coregui.Chat wouldnt do much because it’s not CoreGuiType.Chat, in addition, you have to look up “Chat” as that can also be passed.

Maybe @Davey_Bones or @Sceleratis know

Did some testing both in a studio test server and in a live game. I’m not able to reproduce this issue on my end.

When the console is shown, it just uses SetCoreGuiEnabled which as far as I’m aware isn’t deprecated?

The steps it does are as follows when opening the console:

First, it uses GetCoreGuiEnabled to check if the chat and playlist are enabled or not, then it does:

Later, when the console closes, it calls SetCoreGuiEnabled with the bools returned by GetCoreGuiEnabled.

In my quick testing just now this seems to be working; which leads me to believe this is something place specific (?)

Have you altered ROBLOX’s chat modules at all?


Hello Scelaratis! It randomly fixed itself yesterday.

GG. It was probably some bug on ROBLOX’s end that got fixed.


I see. I’m a big fan of you and adonis admin :slight_smile:

How do you even open the command bar with adonis loader? I really forget.

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This issue was fixed, but you can press button on the keyboard that makes the quote symbol show up (usually directly to the left of enter)

But what key is it to open the command bar?

That key opens the command bar

Why didn’t you just say comma?