Adonis Custom Permissions

Hi, I would like to know if there is a way to make the users not to use those commands with other users, example: “:fire (user)” and also how do I make the owners of private servers to have custom commands too.


I’m not very sure on this. The best I can think of would be to restrict the commands to a higher rank altogether.

Does this mean you already have your own custom commands to be used in VIP servers already? Or something else?

only commands I need, but I would like to know how a private server owner can get them.

Hm, the only thing closest to what I know would be to give Server Owners temporary admin in their VIP server.

You can try creating a separate admin rank from the bottom for the custom commands, and assign that rank to Private Server Owners. (Read here on adding custom ranks, read here on giving private server owners a specific rank.

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Good! You helped me with the term “private owners servers”, but is there any way to make common commands like “fly,fire,etc…” so that players can only execute them themselves? Example: “fly or fly me” but they can’t do it to other players.

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I’m not very sure about that. Perhaps try joining the Adonis Discord Server and ask around?

Oh yeap, Do you have it handy by any chance?

The link to the server is listed in its GitHub page.

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Thank you so much! for help me

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