Adonis delete commands & change admin level for commands

Hello scripters and developers, I am having a few issues with my adonis, I want to be able to change the admin level and delete commands, I have found the main module and where the commands are kept in this post, How to delete Adonis(open sourced admin) commands? however I am struggling to find how to change the admin level on them. And if I just delete that part of the script if I don’t want that command to be used.

Are you forking the module, or just changing the loader module?

If it’s the loader, then go to line 156 in the settings.

I’ve got the module with all of the commands [Supposedly].

Ok, thank you, and how about deleting the commands?

You can only do that in the forked module:
Then delete the command you want deleted

Ok, thank you so much, and if I was trying to give a player via a GUI, do you think I could use a script injection or should I just link it up to trello?

You mean rank the player with a gui?

Yea, its ranking the player upto moderator permissions.

I have no clue then. Adonis isn’t that easy to use, that’s why I’m waiting for nanoblox to come out.

Ok, thank you so much you’ve been a great help!

Just one last question as i’ve edited the forked module, where should I put it?

Server script service, also you need the loader module still, but instead of it requiring an ID, make it require the main module. (I think I haven’t every forked it.)

Wait, I think ive found it image thank you so much again!

Just change the module ID to the location of the forked module, I think that should work.

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