Adopt Me is missing from popular sort

Can reproduce your issue, another issue that I’ve noticed is that upon liking/disliking a game, it doesn’t add up to the game’s ratings. If you refresh the page upon liking/disliking it disappears as well.

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The times have come when a popular game goes missing is a bug.

If I’m not mistaken that’s how because Popular sort works (it ranks games depending on if you’re 13+ or <13, for example if you’re 13+ and game A has 2k total players 1,5k of which are <13 it’s going to be ranked lower than game B with 1k total 750 of which are 13+).

By the way Adopt me never goes away for me, even after spamming refresh. Google Chrome on Windows 7.


To note, RTrack which uses the popular sort for concurrent tracking has not experienced any outages at all in the past hour or day


This could mean that if adopt me is missing it’s likely shown further down the sort.


A like or dislike disappearing may be due to Roblox rejecting your request.

This would be irrelevant to the popular sort.

You can check for yourself using your browser’s network panel, see how mine shows a http response status code of 200 - it means the request was successful. It is common for people to get 429 response code since there is a rate limit on the like endpoint - it means you are liking games too fast.

As for popular sort please be reminded that your view of popular sort depends on several metrics - your account age eg. 13+ or <13, and your user agent/device. A PC player will see a drastically different sort from a console or mobile player for example. A 13+ player will also see a different sort from a <13 player.

I can see on my 13+ account with iPhone, PC, iPad, and Xbox useragents that Adopt me shows on the Popular sort.


Windows 10 PC, running Google Chrome:

However, on my iPhone 8 running the Roblox App, Royale High did not pop up but a while later, it reappeared and Adopt Me was now missing. Those were the only two games that I saw that were affected.

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It appears (based off of comments) most people can see the game (besides you), although some games are being “moved”.

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This is resolved for now. The player count was being misreported sometimes due to a back-end issue, causing the game to be sorted lower in the Popular sort. Engineers have identified the issue and resolved it, there are also additional plans to improve the resilience there for the future. Thanks!