Adopt Me Lighting

Hey There! I am androidgamer431! And I remade Adopt me’s Lighting! I don’t know if someone has already created and please correct me in the reply’s if I made a mistake!

The script could be found here!
I am a beginner. So uh can be any errors but I tested this like 2 times and I found no errors and if this is a wrong thing please let me know. Thanks!

Edit =
Update 0.02?
Added Settings folder
In Settings folder is To enable sky or not without going into the script and scrolling downwards to write true/false
Basically made it easier

Update = Added more settings (Last update)


This is how it looks in my game:

Now I have NO idea of how the Adopt Me sky and lighting looks like but I can tell you did a really nice job on it! It looks pretty good, I would fit it with a Simulator game.


I think you are using the latest version of baseplate which comes with a bit modified lighting so remove all the Atmosphere, Sky, Bloom, DepthofField and Sunrays.
Thank you!


My bad, here’s how it looks on an empty baseplate!


I like it, It looks really nice!