Adrenaline System (Inspired by Apex Legends)


I’ve been working on this adrenaline system and I just want feedback on what I could improve on. I know the adrenaline stim itself isn’t pretty but, that’s because my modeling skills are terrible, I’m sorry :frowning: The sounds are totally NOT stolen from any particular game.

How It Works:
Once injected, you have 25 heartbeats until you have to remove the stim, failure to do so results in a “heart attack” and you die. You also have a visual countdown letting you know how much heartbeats you have left until the inevitable. You can also change the stim color and it saves as well when you leave the game.

Below is a video showcasing the system in action, just leave your thoughts and feel free to go all in an your criticisms!


Sorry for the video quality, I had to compress it a lot, forgive me please :frowning:

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