Ads are doing a lot worse than expected

I wanted to make/hire someone to make some good ads and get a ctr from 1+

On my other game I made my ads myself and they where really trash:

This got me a ctr from 1.2

I thought what if I hire some people to make some good ads then the ctr will probably go to 1.5. I was wrong with that, my ctr is now 0.4/0.7 which is really bad

I tried to change the saturation of the ads, because that 90% of the time helps and yes it did better 1.5, but the day after I advertised again and it went to 0.5

What do you guys think is the reason that the ads don’t perform well, and do you guys have a idea for an add?


ADs now aren’t that good, very players don’t use computer so they can’t see, others players use ADBlock, and others just ignore the ads.


Hmm, but sponsors aren’t that good either.

These ads look too busy/ have too much stuff stuffed nearby. Also the font color is bad and it’s layered on top of stuff which makes them unreadable.

Reasons why a Roblox advert might be unsuccessful:

1). Many Roblox users have installed plugins on their computers which block Roblox adverts from displaying on the website. If a user can’t see a advert, they can’t click it either. Almost all Roblox users on a computer have blocked adverts.

2). Roblox users often ignore adverts unless they stick out and seem special. You need to make your advert stand-out from the others, you must make your advert unique. Your advert must also capture what your game is about and what you can do in it. If your advert doesn’t show this, it might be unsuccessful.

3). The frame of advert is not bold enough. When developing and uploading adverts to Roblox, you can choose what type of frame you want. It could be landscape or portrait. You want to choose a frame type which stands-out to someone by taking up their screen. Choose a larger frame instead of a smaller one.

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I think when he uploads these adverts to the Roblox website, he will remove the “Anti Copy” text… otherwise the text would be unreadable. I agree with you!

Wow, I’m surprised, your Ads look very appealing, especially towards the younger audience.

I’ve seen the same happen with my repeat Ads, and I’ve assumed it’s because people who would be interested in them already clicked them, so if the same people are seeing it again, they aren’t as likely to click.

Maybe try only running the same Ad every few days or once a week. If you’re wanting to run an Ad every day, try making 7 Ads and then run one each day.

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I know there are some people on dev forum that are just looking for things they can just yoink, that is why I added the anti copy (when uploading to roblox I just use the normal version )

What do you mean with outstanding?

Thats a really smart idea, but I only advertised 1k on all

What in the world do you mean?

you said “unless they stick out and seem special”. Could you explain me more what you mean with stick out and seem special? what makes it special.

Maybe try advertising on social media or something? That’s what I would do if I were advertising something.