Ads Getting Removing for Silly Reasons

This is about my ads are removing for no reason and I searched on forum I couldn’t find anything.
and here are my removed ads:


I don’t know why they would take this down, but the only reason I can think of is because of this;
If you say love in roblox it gets tagged, in the top advertisement you said “Loev” so maybe roblox thought you were trying to bypass tagged word “love” which isn’t rlly allowed.

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Contact this group to appeal that asset moderation.


Moderator note does say don’t clickbait people (which is kind of dumb, because it just says “Like cats? Play this game!”) but yeah also saying inappropriate and adult content!? That’s just dumb. Inappropriate for both might be fine because inappropriate can mean adult content OR unnecessary. So yeah this is dumb and appeal with Roblox support.

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Yeah, It’s been 1 and a half (Almost) since I created this post
and My English skills weren’t the best at the time, that i couldn’t even correct and understand my mistakes.

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