Ads & Monetization on Clothing Store?

Hello, currently I am working on a clothing group. We’ve been pumping out clothes with a goal to fill the in-game store by Friday and run ads in the evening. The plan is to run an ad somewhere between 20-30k.

However, I don’t know if it’s worth running an ad for 20-30k on the homestore. My fear is we release an ad and make less then we advertised. Our goal is to profit, and then turn the profit into another advertisement and repeat this process.

I’ve added in gamepasses, and I plan to sell all clothes for R$5 after getting feedback from people who have some experience in clothing groups.

This is our homestore:
As I said before, our plan is the store will be filled on Friday.

Our group:!/about

The ad we plan to run.

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I would not hesitate to click this ad. The thing is, I click a lot of ads. Can you send pics of some of your clothing? I would really like to take a look at what you’ve made.

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Display Gucci

Thanks! It’s much appreciated. Here is a more simplistic design of one of our outfits. We’ve got more complex ones in the stores as well. We’re gonna have to sell a lot of these to make some profit off that ad though!

Spending that much Robux on advertisements isn’t really feasible nor smart, especially if you are only just starting up. Spend your Robux in smaller increments, and every now and again put in a larger amount. This way, it isn’t as big of a loss if you don’t profit as much.


Personally, I don’t click on a lot of ads(in fact, almost none), mainly because most of them are clickbait. However, if I look at this from a non-biased and more neutral perspective, I would say that this ad isn’t too bad. The only problem is that it’s too bright and not focused. What I mean by that is it’s not really showcasing what your clothing group has to offer, because I can’t really see what your clothes is as it’s blocked by too many colours. And while that could be what you’re trying to go for, I don’t think you should do it.

You could change the ad for something which still has colours because bright colours attract people(I think it’s a fact?), but try to showcase more of the clothes. You could have the same girl wearing one of your clothes, but this time you could show the entire outfit. You can have two wings which are gold coloured beside each of the girl’s arms.

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Thank you for your feedback on the ad. I think the goal of the ad was simply to stand out even if people don’t normally click on ads. I feel like a majority of people would click on it without showing any outfits, just because they love to click on click bait. My biggest concern is if the ads will be profitable.

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Try putting a low amount of robux into multiple ads and see which one ends up receiving the most clicks. Don’t spend 20-30k in one go, go in smaller amounts.

I think you should spend no more than just a few thousand on your first ad. If you’re planning on making more, you can adjust the price based on how effective it was.