AD's Not Being Able To Run

So at approximate 6:53 PST PM, I have tried running an AD on the Roblox site in one of my groups. Currently, it is not working, when I click the “Place Bid” number as seen below:

The site stays as is, and nothing happens on the page and it still shows the AD page like this still: image

I am spending 1k on this AD, and I have the amount both on my personal account and my group as well, so I don’t see why nothing is happening.

Is anyone else experiencing a problem with being able to run ADs?


Check if you’re running an adblocker.


Adblockers give the error “ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT” when you click the big green button. Might be due to the API page having “ad” in it. Try disabling any adblockers.


Not a bug