(ADV) Having a playergui element follow (radially on the screen), its specified counterpart within workspace using world point? Possible?

I’m not sure how to properly due this after looking at the prints for world point , let alone if its possible;

Using world point (basically players view from screen) I’m trying to set it to where the position of the player gui element is “torwards” the element within workspace


Now I just attempted to do this with the following code, but the playergui element moved to a different position and stayed in relatively the same area ways away from the counterpart in workspace:

The contents within were obtained from api (world point) and another post on forums (bottom part about guis)


	for i=1, #Points, 1 do
		local camera = workspace.CurrentCamera
		local worldPoint = Points[i].Position
		local vector, onScreen = camera:WorldToScreenPoint(worldPoint)
		local screenPoint = Vector2.new(vector.X, vector.Y)
		local depth = vector.Z
		local ScreenGui = player.PlayerGui.TESTINGWORLDPOINT
		local Gui = ScreenGui.ALabel
		Gui.Position = UDim2.fromOffset(vector.x, vector.y)

What should I be doing differently? World Point is the only way to detect players screen and what I can assume to be the key to solving this–disregarding the radial bounds anyway.

Can’t you just use a billboardgui?

can you specify? I use a billboard gui for the workspace element