Advanced avatar options hidden by clutter, impacts user experience

The advanced options tab is a key part of the avatar editor which is utilised to wear additional accessories, however it’s currently positioned underneath those accessories, making it increasingly difficult to access.

As such an important aspect of the editor, it should be updated accordingly to support ease-of access.

Current setup

located at the bottom of a 100+ hat list.

Desired setup

clean, simple and better ux.

By comparing the current implementation to my own example above, there should be an obvious distinction between the two, specifically taking into consideration simplicity and ease-of use.


As a user with many hats in my inventory, I find it quite irritating to keep scrolling down until I reach the “Advanced” button. I think the “Advanced” Button should be visible at the top or where the “Create” option is when you’re in the clothes section. This would be a lot easier for newer players to see, or old players that are not familiar with Roblox’s improved avatar customization page. I was not even aware with the “Advanced” button for about a month when Roblox updated their customization page, until I watched a YouTube video on it. I think there should be some sort of thing that tells you what the “Advanced” button is and how it should be used. As this gives newer players and unfamiliar players information that you can wear more than 3 hats on the website.
The picture below is where I think the “Advanced” button should be moved to, or an idea on where it should be moved to.


I made a topic very related to this issue last year wherein I suggest entirely getting rid of this Advanced menu.