Make it easier to wear 10 avatar accessories unrestricted

As a Roblox user, it is currently too hard to access the Advanced menu on the Avatar page so I can edit my avatar without category restrictions.

Currently, you can wear up to three hats, and only one of all other types of accessories. This menu allows you to wear 10 of any kind of accessory without category restrictions.


If I’m trying to add a new accessory to my avatar, the process to do so is very unpleasant.

The first thing presented to me when I visit the Avatar page is a long list of my recently purchased accessories, but the Advanced button is unexpectedly not at the bottom of the list like it is on other tabs.

This means that to add another accessory to my avatar without accidentally removing something, I need to first navigate to another tab that has the Advanced button. However, I specifically need to navigate to a tab where I don’t have multiple scrolls worth of accessories. Because the list is infinite scrolling, I won’t be able to reach the Advanced button unless I scroll long enough to reach the bottom, or I try another tab.

When I do find this button, it’s nothing more than tiny link-text at the bottom of the list. It’s easy to overlook for users not expecting it, and annoying to find for users actively looking for it. Clicking on it opens an unfriendly list of asset IDs that my avatar is currently wearing.

To get an asset ID to add to this list, I need to find an accessory I own, open it in a new tab, carefully copy the ID out of the URL, and paste it into one of the empty text boxes. This process alone is tedious enough that I wrote an extension to mostly do it for me.

If this list is full, to find an accessory I’m willing to replace I either need to back out of this menu and unequip it using the usual Avatar Editor UI, or find its asset ID and then remove it from the list.


Preferably, this button and menu should be rendered unnecessary and removed.

Allow experienced users to toggle on an “unlocked mode”, that allows them to select any number of accessories from any accessory category using the usual avatar editor UI.

I’m guessing this menu exists because due to the tabbed layout of the Avatar Editor, if users could equip all 10 accessories under one category, they wouldn’t be able to see other accessories in other categories un-equipping, so inexperienced users might be confused about why some of their accessories are “randomly” unequipping.

However, experienced users should be able to enable this behavior. It would be much more friendly than the current Advanced menu. Display the number of accessories equipped somewhere (Eg. bottom left corner of the avatar preview), or how many accessories the user can still equip.


At the very least, on tabs this button pertains to, please move it to the top of the UI.
To the right of the breadcrumb would be useful; it never reaches that far to the right and nothing else uses that space as far as I can tell.


This is especially relevant now, with the advent of UGC creators producing separate shoulder accessories so they attach correctly to the shoulder rather than the head of the character.

The shoulder accessory comes off of the character during an animation because of this:

This isn’t ideal and the better option, is to produce separate shoulder accessories which have their root at the shoulder, but at the moment it’s leaving many users confused to how to access the Advanced option. It’s easiest to find confused users in the comments of either Epaulettes.

As more UGC items get created, there will be an increasingly large amount of accessories which are best worn in combination. This method would seem backwards to be the only way to achieve what would be expected behaviour.


It’s worth mentioning as well that the “Advanced” mode is not present at all on mobile. Here’s a few screenshots showing a few places I checked:

Images showcasing the lack of an Advanced mode.

On the web client, the button would be placed at the bottom of your accessories, but the only thing past my accessories is recommended accessories.

Here I checked the top just to make sure that I just wasn’t blind and missed it

And here I scrolled the top bar all the way to the right just to make sure that it wasn’t all the way at the end.

It’s difficult enough to make more intricate avatars on PC with the Advanced button being placed all the way at the bottom. But on mobile, making something like what I’m wearing in the image below is flat out impossible and makes the app even less appealing to use if I’m away from my computer.

If we’re going with the proposed toggle, why not place it where the robux is now? There’s no point in the player seeing their robux when they’re customizing their character, especially if they already have the accessories they need to make a specific character. If that doesn’t work, why not show how many accessories the user has equipped in an [x/10] format? Both of these would make more sense than having robux displayed where it is currently.


The advanced menu was something introduced sometime after Roblox expanded to 10 accessories, an answer to fix the issue of many hat combinations being made unavailable under the original restrictions of the 10 accessories update. Glasses couldn’t be worn with beards because they were both face types, left shoulder pets couldn’t be worn with right shoulder pets, floating creatures behind you couldn’t be worn with wings, the list goes on.

But thinking about it now, what does that limit even enforce? If we’re thinking about the matter of trying to keep the player from coming across combinations which clip, that doesn’t really do much. The introduction of Rthro meant accessories made to fit Rthro, and it just so happened that not everything happens to fit the old “default head” of '06. Even with Rthro out of the equation, it’d already be possible to wear clipping hats with just the restrictions of having a 3 hat limit. Just wear two conflicting hats, like top hats, and you’ve got a jumbled mess.

Okay, so maybe it’s to prevent “ugly” avatars? Doesn’t do much there either. Again, without the advanced menu, that problem can still pop up just by people wearing items which don’t match. Not really much which could be done unless we limit avatar freedom massively.

I’ve seen so many people who are just left to believe that the wonderful outfits they want to make are just impossible due to the categories. From veteran users to Roblox staff, it feels silly to think that such a useful feature can feel like it’s a secret at this point.

I can easily see UGC getting a lot more involved with accessories which are made to combine together (for example, hair pieces which make up different styles when worn together) and having to tell our buyers to copy a bunch of IDs feels like it’s going to cause stress on everyone’s end.

Personally I’d love to see the need to use any sort of workaround flat out removed, due to the fact that it doesn’t seem to serve any real purpose other than making avatar customization more complicated, but I feel an unlock button would be decent if it’s clear to the user what it does.


I can’t believe something that would be so essential for day-to-day UX hasn’t been fixed yet.

This is hands down the most infuriating part of this process. If I have to navigate out of the avatar editor to try out some clothing, you’re doing something wrong.

I have to either:

  1. First open up the Avatar Editor. Then, open up “Inventory” in a new tab by Control + Left Click, find the correct subcategory of the item I’m looking for, Control + Left Click that item out into a new tab, navigate to the URL, correctly highlight and copy with Control + C the Asset ID, (It’s not even in the item’s description, I have to look in the link,) and then navigate back to the original Avatar Editor page, go to Clothing > Find a subcategory with few items so I don’t have to scroll down for ages > Click on the tiny “Advanced” text, and then click on an empty box, Control + V to paste the Asset ID, press “Save,” and then press “Save” to double-confirm that that’s the change I want to make.

  2. All the steps above, except, I Right click on the item I want to equip, select “Open Link in New Tab,” navigate to the URL, and then correctly highlight and copy with Control + C the Asset ID. This is probably the easiest and most direct method, but nonetheless still terrible UX.

  3. All the steps above, except, to find the Asset ID without going into my inventory, I search it up in a search engine, try to find the correct item in the provided results, navigate to the URL, and then correctly highlight and copy with Control + C the Asset ID.

  4. All the steps above, except, I use the Catalog to search for the Item, hoping I enter the correct key words and apply the correct filters. Then I navigate to the URL, and then correctly highlight and copy with Control + C the Asset ID.

Or, I could just select more than one item in the Avatar Editor, plain and simple.

Roblox, why?

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So last year I said that UGC was bound to start having accessories which were made to combine, and while I was expecting it from UGC, I wasn’t quite expecting it from official Roblox items.

Right now RB Battles is hosting their second season, and this year they went with making an event everyone is involved in. Three of the prizes are these swords.

DJ’s Sword of Agility - Roblox

Russo’s Sword of Truth - Roblox

Sabrina’s Sword of Healing - Roblox

When you wear all three swords at once, they all combine into a powerful blade, with “RBB” formed from the markings on the individual swords. It was designed with the intention of wearing all three at once, but since they’re all back accessories… Well, players who want to wear their cool new trophy need to deal with the advanced menu.

With the first sword having over 300K owners as of this post, and the event still lasting another three weeks, there’s going to be a lot of players who’d want to use the swords in their complete state. As Roblox goes on, there’s going to be even more situations like this.

If Roblox is going to have accessories designed to combine, could we please have the support to allow players to combine them without it being a huge hassle?


This would still be a very useful feature to have!

Currently, I’m still restricted to use this one “Advanced” box which rests at the bottom of the page. This requires me to scroll through my entire inventory to get to the bottom, instead of it resting at the top. This is horrible user experience, and not just that, but the box we enter more accessories in is irritating to use.

We have to manually input each ID, and the name for each item doesn’t appear and it’ll randomly reorganize itself, so it makes it even trickier to effectively put on more than 3 hats / one of each other accessory type. Why can’t we just select them normally?

Common use case: I’d like to wear a bandana and shades. To do this, you have to use the advanced editor and manually enter in the IDs, considering they’re both face accessories. If I try to edit my avatar normally, it’ll revert the look and randomly get rid of either of them.


Oh wow, I have not even noticed the advanced tab. That’s horrible UX! Definitely needs to be revamped.


Surfacing this here as well for if you’re looking for a CSS hack to at least make the advanced button easier to access.

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