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ACL is a free Camera Light plugin that has the ability to create a light source from your view with full roblox properties customization. This can be used for dark spaces or cinematics.

The video and the showcases images will not be updated when UI changes come like color changes, size changes. Only if there have been new buttons or text added.

How to use?
You can activate and deactivate the light with the ‘Activate’ button on the top. You can also go to the settings with the ‘Settings’ button right next to the ‘Activate’ button. There will be

Explanation with Images
  1. On the top of the screen you will be able to choose to activate/deactivate the light or to go into the settings.

  2. When you enter the settings you will be greeted by these options:

  3. When you’re done with setting up the settings hit Apply, if u don’t do that it will stay there. But it won’t effect the light to change.

  4. Be happy with your light source :slight_smile:

Why did i make this?
There is a plugin called Camera Light and it’s very great! It just doesn’t gives this much freedom as my plugin has.

2022-09-17T13:30:00Z - Release
2022-09-17T17:30:00Z - New UI

UI Changes

Dark mode
Light mode

If there are any bugs or suggestions, please message them here!
I hope you like this plugin and enjoy using it.

I am planning to add more in the future.

:waffle: :wave:


is this a studio flashlight?

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Yes it is. It’s a spotlight that’s positioned in your view.

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Very cool, now there’s no need to create a part for light. If you could make the Gui modern the plugin will be awesome. Nice creation!

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What do you mean by modern? I was thinking about making it a widget.

Modern is something like this

But otherwise widget would work, just the current gui is not that good.

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Thank you for your suggestion, i will change it in a bit to a widget. I think a widget would be good, roblox has made it so that if u make a widget plugin that the background color automaticly changes if u have a white or black theme :slight_smile:

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I am back with the new UI changes!
It’s now a widget instead of a screengui :smiley:

Light mode:
Dark mode:

Do u think this looks better?

Yes, widgets seem more professional

I like it

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Sure it does, better than before anyways.

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