Advanced Conveyor System

walking around the internet I found this advanced conveyor system, I would like to create one like it for my game but I have no idea how to do this, if anyone can help me I will be grateful

I’ll try my best to give enough information about it for you to be able to recreate it.

Placement would be done through raycast or some other detection method, then the Y position is set to a constant, and the X and Z position is rounded to the nearest stud.
Rotation is just by adding, 0, 0) to the rotation.
Basically just a normal placement system.

The the walls, it would use the rotation to determine the direction in front, then see if there isa c conveyor there, and if there is, then remove that wall particular wall.

For the actual movement, it looks like it is done using TweenService. The position of each square (which would be the middle of that square) would have a small number added to the Y component (Size.Y / 2 + Ore.Size/2). The new position is the tween position. While I’m not sure what method they use in the video to get the order of the positions, it could just be using similar logic to the wall detection to determine where to go next. Then those positions are just looped through, tweening the ore between them all. The speed of the conveyor is done by reducing the tween time.

Thank you for helping me, I will create the system to place objects, and I will study about raycast.
And I will return soon.

can you create a script example for me of what this raycast would look like?

I’ve thought about it a bit more, and using Mouse.Hit.p may be better and easier to implement.

HowToRoblox made a video on this topic

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