"Advanced" Donation Board

Hello everyone,
A few months ago I started working on a project and just 10 days ago I’ve “finished it.” This project took closer to 1-2 full weeks of focus, and only was created months ago because I either lost motivation or forgot to finish it.

Nonetheless, I am looking for ideas and feedback on this model. It’s a little advanced, so there’s probably some bugs I’ve missed for sure!

Things to note

  • Messages do not filter in studio (obviously)
  • Please remove the mis-aligned decal from the front before playing
  • Allow studio to access data-stores
  • Make your own products and put them in the Products module

Known Bugs

  • List order can sometimes fail in donation history
  • Profile stats don’t load because I haven’t finished it (I was too lazy)

I would love (as mentioned before) if you could provide some constructive criticism or feedback! Also, if anyone knows how I could make the READ ME script more clear, especially for people un-familiar with scripting. That’s about it.